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donor eggEgg (oocyte) donation is an important option for many patients, and is recommended for women who have age-related infertility, poor egg quality, premature menopause, or diminished ovarian reserve. Also, women who have certain genetic diseases are also excellent candidates for donor eggs.

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Egg donors may be known or anonymous. Patients may provide their own donor, often a close friend or relative. More commonly, however, egg donors are not known to the egg recipient. Anonymous donors are between 21 to 30 years of age, in good health, with normal ovarian reserve. They undergo extensive medical testing and a thorough medical history and physical exam is performed. Each prospective donor also undergoes a full battery of psychological screening tests and an interview with a psychologist. By becoming an anonymous egg donor at RMA of Philadelphia and Central Pennsylvania you have the ability to change someone’s life forever by helping to create another. Compensation for selected donors who successfully complete a cycle is $7,000 per donation. Earn up to $42K for 6 cycles.

For anonymous egg donors, we will maintain strict confidentiality of the donor’s and recipient’s identities; however, the egg recipient will have access to all of the donor’s extensive personal medical, sexual, and family history.

We precisely synchronize the cycles for both the recipient and donor, so that the recipient’s uterus is fully prepared for the embryos created with the donor’s eggs. The recipient is treated with estrogen and progesterone, to prepare her uterus.

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On the day of egg retrieval, the recipient’s husband or partner will produce a fresh semen sample. The sperm is then combined with the donor eggs. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be indicated if the semen analysis is abnormal. Donor sperm is available to single women, and for women whose husband or partner has no sperm.

Embryo transfer is performed three days after the donor egg retrieval. Because donated eggs are healthy, and come from young women, we typically transfer two embryos.

At RMA of Philadelphia and Central Pennsylvania our pregnancy rate is approximately 50 percent per egg retrieval for our patients undergoing IVF with their own eggs. With egg donation, pregnancy rates approach 70 percent per retrieval.

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