Embryo Donation Program

Embryo Donation – Donor Embryo in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaThe use of donor embryos provides individuals or couples the opportunity to become pregnant with embryos donated by patients who have previously undergone in vitro fertilization at RMA of Philadelphia and Central Pennsylvania. Typically, embryo donors have completed building their family and have cryopreserved embryos that they wish to donate to others experiencing infertility. Embryo donors are pre-screened to ensure they are without identifiable genetic disease; they are also screened for sexually transmitted infections. For anonymous donors, RMA of Philadelphia and Central Pennsylvania will maintain strict confidentiality of the donor’s and recipient’s identities; however, the embryo recipient will have access to all of the donor’s extensive personal medical and family history.

In order to prepare for embryo donation, the recipient undergoes an evaluation of her uterine cavity. She is then treated with estrogen and progesterone in order to prepare her uterus to receive the embryos.

If you are interested in learning more about our embryo donation program, please contact us at info@rmaphiladelphia.com.