Congratulations! Transitioning from Your Fertility Specialist to Your Ob/Gyn

By Jackie Gutmann, MD Originally published in Resolve, for the journey and beyond, Spring 2013 issue First you realize that you are having trouble getting pregnant. This creates anxiety. Then, your doctor suggests that you see a reproductive endocrinologist (RE, a.k.a. fertility specialist). While you are likely approaching this visit with hope, there is anxiety that Read More read more

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Fertility Facts with RMA: Single Embryo Transfer

We would like to introduce the first of many ‘Fertility Facts with RMA’, a brand new video blog series featuring our world-class reproductive endocrinologists discussing hot topics in the field of infertility. For our debut, Dr. Art Castelbaum discusses Single Embryo Transfers (SET) with Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS), a process which cuts down the risk Read More read more

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A Day in the Life of a World-Class Reproductive Endocrinologist featuring Dr. Martin Freedman

At RMA we recognize how overwhelming your fertility journey can be.  Oftentimes, knowing what to expect can help alleviate some of the anxiety.  Check out this informative video that offers a glimpse into a “typical” day of one of our world-class reproductive endocrinologists.  Follow Dr. Freedman as he speaks to a patient on his morning Read More read more

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Dr. Kara Nguyen on Good Day PA Discussing Acupuncture and Fertility

RMA’s very own world-class reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Kara Nguyen, was recently featured on Good Day PA alongside acupuncturist, Batbayar Damdin, L.Ac. from Tian Shi Acupuncture in Harrisburg, PA.  They discussed the importance of a multidisciplinary and personalized approach to help a patient achieve the goal of building a family. Acupuncture before and after fertility treatments Read More read more

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The Chronicles of A Frozen Embryo Transfer

By: Art Castelbaum, MD I frequently receive pictures and cards from patients who have successfully undergone fertility treatment.  My favorite Christmas card is a picture of an older and a younger child.  In a sense, they were twins separated at conception.  The older child was the product of a fresh In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) embryo Read More read more

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